Winter arrives in Denver

Winter arrives in Denver

Winter has arrived here on campus…at least for a day or two. The weather here hasn’t quite made up its mind yet about what season it is, so I am relishing in the few snow days we have had so far. The quarter is officially over and I don’t know where the time has gone. The last five weeks have been blur of projects, papers and work…with a day or two for some Halloween fun thrown in for good measure. Thanksgiving is now a few days away and I still have two finals to go. It is a struggle to dig deep and remember the excitement I felt for my classes just a few weeks ago. But as I sit down at my computer to finish up my final papers, I remind myself I didn’t work this hard all quarter to give up now and that helps pull me through….that and a nice big cup of coffee! While I am ready for a nice long mental break, looking ahead to January makes me excited about doing it all over again.

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2 Responses to Winter arrives in Denver

  1. Brittany Pimentel says:

    Hey there – I’m a current PCV serving in the CED sector in Mongolia and applying to DU. I’d like to chat with you about our several common denominators sometime :)

    • Josef Korbel School, Office of Graduate Admissions says:

      Hey Brittany!

      So sorry I am just getting back to you! I have been on winter break from school and disconnected myself for technology for awhile. Sometimes the comments don’t seem to forward sometimes, so feel free to contact me at school,, or at my person email I would love to talk to you and I hope the application process is going well!!!!


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